Chilean Mine Resuce Mission

Back in late August when they reported that this large group of miners were trapped there for weeks, I was thinking to myself, “Ouch! There is no way in hell they would be able to make it. What a horrific way to die in dismay and isolation!” (Better than how one would be buried alive alone though, as shown graphically in movies “Buried” and “Vanished”) And then the story developed with more supplies delivering to the cave, and then, even after a few more minor cave-in’s, they were able to make it! They had this inside deals to keep profits of any media/book deals to be shared equally among the miners were good, but I doubt if they can keep that contract.

Chilean Rescue Mission that Touches the World

Anyway, there is this question that keeps bothering some of us: how is it possible that we are still sending people to work in the mines? So, we have the technology to send and unmanned aerial vehicle to kill people, but we still use men to mine minerals? I am wondering if there is a business niche around that idea.

Technology has advanced so much that human labor should not be deployed to work in such dangerous places. Reality is that employers don’t give a damn. If robots and remote control machinery cost less than sending these men down the shaft (remember the shaft has to be craved wider for human access and need some minimal standard of safety structure, no matter how corrupt the regulators are), they would love to lay off these miners, without a blink of an eye. they are just human capital when companies are making decision on what to use.

On a similar note, at Foxconn robotic arms are already created that can replicate what line operators do at test line but the solution was not fully deployed simply because it costs more, even though the robotic arms can run 24/7 with accuracy and quality always repeatable. Profit drives everything — even North Korean or Cuban leaders cannot bend this.

What bothers me a lot is how the financial industry and their crooks controlling the government cohort this massive scheme of monetary fraud which robs everyone’s money in form of market manipulation and inflation. Cheaters should be expelled and punished in any game, without exception, or other gamers should quit. When will we see an end to this madness? There is a documentary coming out called “insider job” detailing what happened during the financial crisis which you should not miss.

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