Remember Contras?

[edited: a year back], (a) piece of news brought to my attention about the situation in Nicaragua. I think we are heading this way in Libya too, though I hope that I am wrong.

That after so many years the government were able to clear all, at least on official record, land mines in their country. What about the rebel Contras? Where do they come from? The cause of the civil war there was because President Reagan did not like the government in power then and decided to overthrow it using rebels. It never ceases to amaze me how much havoc can the US cause in another country.

Before the civil war Nicaragua used to be a very wealthy country in Central America. If I am a Nicaraguaian, I would rather wish US invaded the country and be done with it, instead of leaving such a mess. In this way, to the Iraqi people, Bush Junior did a relatively better job than Reagan. It would be a lot worse if otherwise. Of course, the presence of USSR at the time did not allow such an option. It makes me wonder: maybe balance of power is not always a good thing, is it? With a mono-pole world, everything is in order according to the superpower’s will. There will be much less long on-going conflict – not so bad in this perspective right?

U.S. support for this Nicaraguan insurgency Contras continued in spite of the fact that impartial observers from international groupings such as the European Economic Community, religious groups sent to monitor the election, and observers from democratic nations such as Canada and the Republic of Ireland concluded that the Nicaraguan general elections of 1984 were completely free and fair. The Reagan administration disputed these results however, despite the fact that the government of the United States never had any observers in Nicaragua at the time.

A good friend of mine reminded me however, that it is not only because of the USA but also because of people like Ortega and the like that Latin America is in such a bad shape. Note how countries that were also heavily influenced by American Foreign Policy (take Korea, Mexico and Japan as example) overall are doing better these days than most LA countries. One simply can’t force socialism by pointing a gun at the people. It has been tried several times, without any success. The USA did many things wrong combating the spread of Communism in Latin America, but something had to be done. The alternative was much worse, more sinister than one can imagine. Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution of China come to mind. In the motherland of Communism, Death toll (excess of 20M) in the Soviet under Stalin’s rule is simply mind boggling.

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